Sunglasses Mount Kisco

Sunglasses Mount Kisco

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Prescription sunglasses in Mount Kisco

While today’s shades are better than ever at protecting the wearer’s eyes from the sun’s glare and harmful rays, they are also more stylish than ever. Designer sunglasses Mount Kisco allow people to portray not only their sense of style but to also give off a individualized attitude at the same time. You can’t be truly cool without a pair of stylish sunglasses. Cross River Eye Care has a unique selection of designer sunglasses that allows each of our clients to explore their own attitude towards facing the sun.

Aside from the style and fashion of designer sunglasses Mount Kisco our practice emphasizes their functional side. Eyes are extremely sensitive to radiation emitted by the sun in the form of UV-A and UV-B rays. Exposed to these forms of ultraviolet light over a short period of time human eyes can develop photokeratitis, a sort of sunburn for the eyes with symptoms that include red eyes, excessive tearing, sensitivity to light or a gritty feeling in the eyes. These symptoms are usually short-lived and the eyes recover. The long-term effects of exposure to UV rays are more serious and have been linked to the development of cataracts and damage to the retina. Our practice recommends wearing quality sunglasses to block UV rays, along with wearing a brimmed hat for additional glare protection. Good sunglasses will block 99 – 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays and screen out 75 – 90 percent of visible light from reaching the eyes. Sunglasses should be perfectly matched in color and be free of imperfections and distortions. In other words, a pair of quality sunglasses is worth the investment in protecting your eyes.

Quality designer sunglasses Mount Kisco are a specialty of our practice. We match your sunglass prescription perfectly to that of your eyeglasses or contact lenses. We can fabricate your vision correction prescription in the form of sunglasses and place them in almost all of our vast selection of designer frames. Even if you do not wear corrective lenses the quality of the protective lenses available in the sunglasses fabricated in our optical shop offers the ultimate in UV protection. So, protect your eyes from the ravages of the sun with high quality sunglasses that feature the latest in UV protection lens technology. Please come in and visit our optical shop and let one of our experienced staff members help you express your style and protect your vision.

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