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Mount Kisco LASIK

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LASIK consultation in Mount Kisco

Laser eye surgery existed before, but it wasn’t until LASIK was introduced that it became wildly popular. It has been nothing short of a revolution in vision improvement. At Cross River Eye Care, we know that many of our valued patients are interested in exploring the possibilities of Mount Kisco LASIK, and that’s why we offer a detailed consultation right here at our office.

Any surgery, even one performed with laser technology, is something you have to be sure about. Fortunately, there are many positive things to speak of when it comes to Mount Kisco LASIK. Instead of having to rely on your eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct your nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or any combination of the three, you can achieve greater independence. Not all patients will be able to discard their corrective eyewear afterward, though some will. However, at minimum, you can expect to need it much less than you do right now. The success rate of the surgery is over 90%, which inspires confidence. When you come in for our LASIK consultation, have all your questions ready. Our eye doctor is prepared to answer them for you. In addition, you will be examined to make sure that you’re a good candidate for the procedure. If so, and you’re satisfied with the information we’ve provided you, the next step is to schedule your Mount Kisco LASIK with a qualified eye surgeon. You can look forward to better vision by the day after the procedure, or sometimes even later the same day. Potential side-effects are dry eyes, problems driving at night, difficulties with glare, and halos appearing around images. Fortunately, these occurrences are very rare.

Reach out to our office now and let us set up a convenient time for you to visit us for our LASIK consultation. There’s no reason for you to not take that first step toward better long term vision.

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